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Welcome to Meinert Well Drilling

​Meinert Well Drilling has been serving the western Pennsylvania area since 1928. We have been a family-owned company for four generations.

We are your certified, trusted, and respected cable and rotary drilling company.We are your certified, trusted, and respected cable and rotary drilling company specalizing in precise well drilling, pump installations, and ongoing maintenance for residential  needs. With a focus on quality and workmanship we ensure reliable water solutions. Our experienced team prioritizes customer satisfaction, holds necessary licenses, and contributes to responsible water resource management. Choose us for efficient, professional, and affordable services. Contact us to discuss your specific water well requirements. Rest assured that with Meinert Well Drilling, your water is in good hands!

Our Services

  1. Rotary and cable tool drilling

  2. Pump sales, installation, and service

  3. Pressure tanks

  4. Well cleaning and development

  5. Underground storage tanks

  6. Well tests

  7. Well abandonment

Call us now at 724-452-8337 for a free price estimate!

Commonly Asked Questions

1. Why is my well water discolored or have a strange taste?

   - Customers often notice changes in the color or taste of their well water. This could be due to issues like sediment buildup, bacterial contamination, Iron in the water, or the presence of minerals. Determining the cause is essential for addressing the problem.


2. How often should I test my well water quality?

   - Regular testing of well water is crucial to ensure its safety. Homeowners may inquire about the recommended frequency of water testing and the parameters they should test for, such as bacteria, nitrates, pH levels, and other contaminants.


3. What maintenance tasks should I perform for my water well system?

   - Homeowners may want to know about routine maintenance tasks to keep their well water system in optimal condition. This could include inspecting the well cap, checking for signs of leaks, and scheduling periodic professional inspections. Some wells and pumps last 5-10 years and some last 20-30 years. 


4. What can I do if my well pump is not working properly?

   - Issues with the well pump can lead to a lack of water supply. Customers may inquire about troubleshooting steps, signs of a failing pump, and when it's time to seek professional assistance for repairs or replacement.


5. How deep is my well, and does it meet the water needs of my household?

   - Understanding the depth of the well and its capacity is essential for ensuring an adequate water supply. Homeowners may ask about the well's depth, water yield, and whether it meets the demands of their household.


If you have specific concerns about your home water well, give us a call for a free price estimate for service or potential answer to get you the help you need! 

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