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Underground Water Storage Tanks

If you are planning on using underground water storage tanks, or a UST, for your well, you must comply with the guidelines set forth by Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection. Your UST must be registered with the state, and a valid operating license must be obtained.

Since this process can be quite involved, let the experts at Meinert Well Drilling do all the hard work for you! We can help you in whatever capacity you need, so call us today for a free estimate.

What Is an Underground Storage Tank?

An underground storage tank, or UST, is any tank that stores at least 10% of its volume underground or the total volume stored is more than 110 gallons. Underground storage tanks may be subject to federal or state regulations, so it is important to have a qualified well-drilling company design and install your tank.

What Are Your Responsibilities as a UST Owner?

Since you are subject to law and regulations with regard to your UST, there are many responsibilities on your part. You must do the following:


  • Obtain a building permit and a valid operating license before the underground storage tank is built.

  • Meet leak prevention and detection standards

  • Have periodic checks on the integrity of your underground storage tank if you meet the requirements.

How We Can Help

Since the building and maintenance of a UST can be quite difficult, let us help you make sure you are in compliance with Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection requirements. According to Pennsylvania law, those who perform tank-handling activities on USTs, including companies and installers, must be certified with the state to do so.


That is where we come in! We will ensure that your UST is built properly and that your tank meets the quality standards set forth by the state. With experience dating back to 1928, you can rest assured that Meinert Well Drilling will get the job done right!

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