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About Our Company

Meinert Well Drilling, Inc., is owned and operated by John A. Meinert, son of the late Joseph and Margaret Meinert, along with his son Jonathan "JJ" Meinert, and wife Renee in the office.

Meinert Well Drilling was started in 1928 by John's great grandfather, John Meinert, who drilled wells until his passing at which time Al Meinert took over the business.  Upon Al's untimely death in the 50's, Joe took over despite his physical challenges as a result of the Polio virus.  Joe had many friends and family help with the business and at an early age, his son John, began to help with the business in any way that he could.  John took over the business in the mid 1980's and continues to this day along with his son JJ.  JJ has now taken up a major role in the day to day operations of the company and aspires to expand and take it into the future.

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