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About our company

      Meinert Well Drilling was started in 1928 by John Meinert in Sewickley Pennsylvania. It was passed down to Al Meinert and upon his sudden death, Joseph Meinert took over. Joe was stricken with polio in the 1950's which paralyzed his legs. Despite his physical challenges, he took the business head on and with the help of friends and family, saw much success.

      At a young age, John Albert Meinert, Joe's only son, started helping out. By the age of 16, John was doing most of the physical work and in 1986 John took over the business and Joe retired. Joe passed away in 2003.

     John's wife Renee is active in the business and they now have three sons, Jonathan, age 28, Justin, age 25 and Joseph, age 21.

     Jonathan has now taken up a major role in our day to day operations and is beginning to implement new ideas to take Meinert Well Drilling into the future.

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